Tyson Fury after his spectacular victory by technical knockout against Deontay Wilder at the top of Boxing. But now his career could be over quickly.

According to “Mail on Sunday”-revelations of heavy Doping, there are allegations against the 31-year-old British. In the worst-case scenario, Fury would have to accept even a lock of eight years. What is it about?

Tyson Fury: world champion is said to have bribed a farmer

In the year 2015 has been tested, the Boxer is positive to the banned steroid substance “nandrolone”. Fury claims that the consumption of unkastriertem wild boar meat for positive doping test responsible. With this excuse the Englishman was, after two years of sport Ineligibility in the professional return. DAZN just before the Knockout licked Tyson Fury, the blood of Deontay Wilder from

The meat he got from a farmer should receive for the alleged delivery of 27,000 euros. Now, he claims, the money would have arrived today never. The “Mail on Sunday” forwarded all available information to the relevant UK Anti-Doping Agency, UKAD.

Should prove to be true the statements of the farmers, could have been the fight against the Wild the last fight of his career. According to the “Mail” seems to be an eight-year-old lock is quite realistic.

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