have Fascinating, what skills dogs! As a species protection-sniffer dogs means all dogs that were trained to find plants or animals in their natural environment, or to identify.

The first use was already the end of the 19th century. Century, as the new Zealander dogs used to make kiwi and Kakapo identified. The birds were threatened with extinction because of the introduced animals, the goods arrived in their territory. Animal rights activists planned, therefore, a resettlement.

In contrast to us humans, the four-legged friends are able to make the kinds of find that life is very withdrawn, or to detect for the human eye only poorly.

An example of this is the Geometric land turtle. She lives in the Cape province of South Africa and is considered to be in danger of extinction. According to estimates, only around 1000 of this country to exist in turtles. The Size of the turtle varies from a few centimeters to nearly a Meter. Since you can customize the earth-toned tank optimally to their environment and not just a flashy move, you will find difficult. For trained sniffer dogs, these factors do not pose a problem.

Once the dogs have tracked endangered animals, allows researchers to record important data such as the coordinates or the state of health and in relation to the continued existence of important conclusions. When it comes to kinds, in which every single individual counts, may be wasted time on ineffective tracking methods to waste.

Whether on Land, on water or in the high mountains: Today, detection dogs are almost everywhere. According to Jennifer Hartman of the organization “Conservation Canines” to come homes in Washington 98 percent of the dogs from the animal.

The abandoned four-legged friends are taken in and trained, to help, to protect the continued existence of endangered species.