In the U.S. city of Los Angeles, California, two living with each other women got pregnant from one man and gave birth to children with a difference in three days. This publication reports the Metro.

32-year-old Karina Rincon (Rincon Karina) and her wife, 31-year-old Kelly Mesa (Mesa Kelly) decided to have a child, but they didn’t have the money for reproductive services centers. They decided to use home kits for fertilization and found a sperm donor online. The couple knew that the chance of getting pregnant so low, so I decided to try their luck together. Rincon performed the procedure in one day, and the Mesa to the next. Suddenly both she was successful.

Women are very worried that will start to give birth at the same time, and will not be able to support each other in childbirth. In the end, they had children with a difference in three days — the boy Leo and baby girl Sophie. Rincon and Mesa call them “almost twins”.

“We were told that we will kill each other: two pregnant women in one house, a hormonal storm, that’s all. But, actually, it was very cool to go through this with the love of my life, I fully understand how I feel,” admitted one of them.

Rincon and Mesa went to school in Venezuela. Then both independently from each other moved to USA, lived in different places and met in 2013 in Miami, Florida, where both worked as biomedical engineers. At that time she and the other used to date men, but soon realized that they have feelings for each other. Women for a long time hid their relationship from family, but in 2017, told about them and soon married.

Earlier it was reported about two lovers in each other women from Auckland, New Zealand who have become pregnant from one sperm donor. The doctor told them that the probability that they would win the lottery, higher than the probability to become pregnant at the same time, so the pair considers the incident a miracle.