In Madison, Wisconsin (USA) have arrested two women who beat a Senator who was filming the protests near the building of the state Capitol building. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

the Incident occurred on 23 June, when near the Capitol building in Madison the protests took place representatives of the movement Black Lives Matter. Then a group of more than 200 people spoke out against the arrest of a black man. Protesters tore down two statues and dumped in a government building “Molotov cocktail”. Passing by the Senator from Democratic party Tim carpenter was filming the protesters on a mobile phone when he was attacked by two girls, 26-year-old Samantha Hayer and 33-year-old Kerida O’reilly. They asked the Senator to stop the camera and remove video. As he later told police one of the attackers knocked out his gadget, and then he struck a blow with the fist. The man fell to the ground and began kicking her, a crowd of eight to ten people.

As told to police witness, a representative of the press, the Senator tried to explain to protesters that he was on their side. At the scene the paramedics came and gave him first aid. Later, he went to the hospital with complaints of injuries to the neck, arms, ribs and head. The attacked girl was identified by surveillance cameras, the police declared them wanted. Monday, July 27, they voluntarily surrendered to the authorities. They were charged of involvement in beating and robbery with use of force.

Earlier in July, protesters against racial injustice and police violence in the us city of Portland stormed the police Association and started the fire. One of the residents of the United States, African-American, poured black paint the lettering Black Lives Matter (“black Lives matter”) in front of a skyscraper Trump Tower in new York.

protests accompanied by riots, was covered in dozens of U.S. cities. The reason for the protests was the death in Minneapolis of a black guard to George Floyd, who died after a rough arrest. Protests against police brutality held in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, new York, Indianapolis, Boston, Detroit and many other cities.