the Two women are gratuitous been assaulted on the street by a 24-year-old man.

the Attacks happened Tuesday afternoon in the Aalborg Vestby with few minute intervals. It writes Nordjyske.

one woman was walking alone along the Parade, as the 24-year-old attacked her and subsequently kicked her in the head.

the Man continued to Poul Paghs Gade, when another woman walked in with a pram and was accompanied by a friend.

the Perpetrator punched the woman in the face as he passed. He ran quickly from the site, but they succeeded the woman’s friend, to catch up with the man and detain him until the police arrived.

on Wednesday morning was man produced in the grundlovsforhør. He is now in custody in three weeks, when he admitted the attacks on the two women.

He could not, however, justify the two attacks.

in turn, he explained that he had been drinking alcohol, was on drugs and possibly had heard some voices, which might explain the attack, he said.