Two waves of solar radiation will fall upon the Earth in March

the Solar radiation will fall upon the Earth. In March it is expected two waves of geomagnetic disturbances. Specialists of the Laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun LPI has prepared its forecast, reports GTRK “southern Ural”.

Magnetic storms are expected in the period from 18 to 20 March and from 27 to 28 March. Field of the planet becomes unstable due to solar flares of coronal mass ejections. When such phenomena for several minutes in the atmosphere of a celestial body emitted an enormous amount of energy. TNT its capacity is over a billion megatons.

Recently, astrophysicists have registered the beginning of a new twenty-fifth cycle of solar activity. On the surface of the star they have discovered an unusual radioactive spot, according to

Scientists Observatory, NASA awarded him the room AR2758. Experts believe that the onset of the 25th cycle shows magnetic polarity in the detected region. At the southern sunspots polarity -/+, while the new has the opposite +/-. According to the law of alternating magnetic polarity (Hale’s law), sunspots change them, passing from one cycle to another.

Note that the impact of solar radiation on the Earth is enormous. The sharp downturn in solar activity can cause catastrophic consequences. So, in the 17th — 18th centuries because of these “failures” on the planet, a period of abnormal cold snap. The so-called little ice age led to mass starvation because of crop destruction, numerous uprisings and wars.

Text: STRC “South Ural”