the water bodies of the chief of the fire Department of Como (I) has seen in 40 years of use. “But two drive at once close to the shore, which I experience for the first Time,” says Giovanni Molinaro (57) opposite VIEWS. The Italian service, as the call in the Central office comes in. Jogger have seen something Strange floating in the water. The firefighters from back immediately.

It is shortly after 8.30 PM when the men arrive at the Villa Olmo. At the same time, the Italian police, rushes. In the water, in front of the magnificent Palace, drives a woman’s body. “A lady between 70 and 80 years,” says Molinaro, “they had nothing. We now need to find out your identity.” She was probably drowned, the fire chief. “The death only happened recently. Maybe only a couple of hours ago.”

Only 800 meters further, the second body

During the salvage forces the woman’s corpse to the shore, comes a second Alarm. A fisherman is only 800 metres from Villa Olmo, the water removes the body of a man. The fisherman throws the boat hook according to the dead man, pulls him to his boat and drags him to the shore. Then he calls the authorities.

“I was afraid immediately a disaster,” says Molinaro, “maybe it was somewhere capsized a ship and two people have gone overboard.” But the two deaths have nothing to do with each other.

It was a city well-known shelter shares a loser

The squad that was indented because of the woman’s body,. Some of the firefighters go to the male body. “The man is already three, four days in the water,” says the fire chief. In contrast to the woman the Tote in Villa Geno has his papers in the bag. It is a 58-year-old city of well-known shelter is a loser. How, when and why he got into the water and drowned, now must be clarified.

Also, in the case of the dead woman’s will is determined in all directions, so Molinaro. “We do not know do not even know whether she was Italian or a foreigner, even if she was a tourist here or in Como lived.”