– the majority of program costs, Ugra it on social programs – more than 68 percent. Moreover, in comparison with the previous year these costs increased by more than 17 million rubles, – said the head of the region Natalia Komarova. – At the end of 2019, the County budget was executed with a surplus. Reserve Fund in the amount of five billion rubles during the year were not involved. State debt submitted to the state bond loans, amounted to 13 billion rubles.

According to the Director of the County Department of Finance – Deputy Governor of the faith of Dudeney, last year in the regional Treasury received of 259.8 billion. It made 103.7 percent of the adjusted plan.

the Increase in revenues contributed to the changing macroeconomic indicators including the price of oil, the production volumes of raw materials on the territory of Yugra, as well as Federal revenues.

All this has allowed the district to allocate substantial additional resources to such key areas as health, education, housing policy. While the planned deficit of the regional Treasury has been reduced by nearly seven billion.

– Tax revenues, which are predominant in the structure of the budget executed in the amount of 220,2 billion. The plan was exceeded by 4.3 percent – stated Belief Dudina.

So, the income tax on property of organizations amounted to 66.7 billion rubles. Thus, the adjusted annual plan is executed on 107,2 percent.

execution of the tax to incomes of physical persons amounted to 49.4 billion rubles. The plan is exceeded by 2 percent.

As noted in the government of Ugra, last year in the region was implemented 25 state programs. For this purpose was directed of 246.2 billion, 15.7 billion more than in 2018.

the Most significant in terms of funding was the program of the social sphere, they are for the year was sent 168,8 billion. This once again confirmed the social orientation of the budget of the region.

– In Ugra in the past year was the implementation of 11 of the 12 national projects. In their development we have taken 41 regional project, -said Vera Dudina. In total, their implementation was sent to 25.9 billion rubles. Almost 8 billion on achievement of indicators of the national project “Demography”, more than 7 billion on “Safe and high quality roads,” about $ 7 billion on “Housing”.

Faith gudina stressed that, in General, to support families and children in Yugra at the expense of all sources of funding in 2019 was sent 86,5 billion rubles, which is more than 2018 7.4 billion.

As noted by the Director of the Department of Finance, the Treasury surplus amounted to 11 billion rubles. The public debt of the region at the end of the year decreased comparedNIJ with its start at 1.4 billion rubles, amounting to 13 billion.

– In the successes invested every Ugra man. This is important. And for all the flaws in the response, we – the authorities, local self-government, – said Natalia Komarova.

Note, now, after the report about execution of budget approved the members of the regional government, the report will be considered by deputies of the Duma of Yugra.