The plate had to be empty. Always – even if the children could not eat more. The leadership of the Catholic kindergarten St. Elisabeth in Upper lauchringen (D) is suspected of child abuse. Two teachers should have forced the children to eat, report to the parents.

“had to eat The children of your plate until you had to pass, although they said that they were tired of it,” says a concerned mother of the newspaper “Südkurier”. In addition, they had been in the nursery for Sleeping on command, compelled.

“is Not suitable for everyone to work with children,”

adds The Deputy Chairman of the parents Advisory Board, the head would be “dealt harshly” with the girls and the boys. “You have endangered the Welfare of children. We were shocked, all right, when we learned of it,” she says. As the suspicion against the two women emerged, even if they had been immediately released.

The parents Advisory Board commends the actions of the leaders. After the allegations had been made against the leaders, were immediately all levers in motion set. First, the parents ‘ Council had been informed, then all of the parents. “Every single group has had a parents’ evening.”

Barbara Remmlinger from the Archbishop’s Ordinariate Freiburg, says to the newspaper: “forcing children to eat is not an appropriate educational behavior.” A mother calls: “Not everyone is suitable to work with children – in spite of training. To ensure the safety of our children, should be reviewed in the personnel better.”

The teachers were given the termination

the persons responsible for The day-care centre inform: “We go on the offensive with the thing and want nothing to sweep under the carpet.” Compared to the “Südkurier”, confirm: “The Catholic Church has denounced the two teachers now.”

you have to respect the mission statement and the concept of day care abuse and the children exposed to unlawful pressure, as well as pedagogically questionable treatments.

so Far no penalty had been legal action against the two teachers made, such as the police Waldshut-Tiengen the “Südkurier” informs. “Until now, still no Ads have been refunded.” (frk)