He is now near Mars, but sooner or later an asteroid will approach the Earth.

Comet NEOWISE, which was visible for almost a month, flies, and lovers to observe outer space need a new object. Indian Institute of space education SPACE announced that the two 14-year-old girl from India found another interesting celestial body.

Vaidehi of Vekaria Lakhani and Radhika, hails from the city Surat in the Western state of Gujarat, participated in a two month all-India campaign to search for asteroids conducted by the educational Institute, in cooperation with the International astronomical search community (IASC) and a group of civilian scientists from NASA.

The girls made a discovery with the help of an improved telescope Pan-STARRS in Hawaii, which has a high quality CCD camera and wide viewing angle.


The asteroid is currently about Mars and its orbit will intersect the orbit of Earth in about… a million years. The asteroid, named HLV2514, will be officially registered only after NASA confirmed its orbit. And it may take several years.