‘Around the year 2020 will be a serious lungebetændelsesagtig disease spread in the entire world, attack the lungs and bronchierne and resist any known treatment.’

the Scenario is very much similar to what is unfolding right now, where the deadly coronavirus from Wuhan in China in four months has spread to the whole world, without any preliminary has had the good fortune to stop it.

But the remarkable thing about the above line is that it was in 2008.

Here was the prediction made in the book ‘End of Days’ of the well-known and controversial fortune teller Sylvia Browne. But the now-deceased clairvoyant author is not the only one, who is believed to have predicted the current pandemic in a book.

Bestsellerforfatteren and the king of sci-fi novels Dean Koontz could already in 1981, in describing a deadly virus, like the coronavirus affects only people. And like coronavirussen was also Dean Koontz’s 40-year-old virus in the chinese Wuhan. In a way.

although both Sylvia Browne and Dean Koontz’s predictions these days are shared profusely on the network of all from realitystjernen Kim Kardashian to ordinary mortals Facebook users, so others think that one should take the stories with a grain of salt.

It sounds very good, when the fortune teller Sylvia Browne continues his prediction of the ‘End of Days’:

‘More astonishing than the disease itself is that it will suddenly disappear, just as quickly as it came, hit again 10 years later and then disappear completely.’

As faktatjek-medium Snopes points out, as had the well-known coronaviruses, the SARS-ravaged world just a few years before, so the scenario didn’t sound so unlikely in 2008, where it might even have inspired Sylvia Browne.

in Addition, it was known spåkones capabilities are not unconditionally successful.

In 2002, she asserted that the 11-year-old Shawn Hornbech had been kidnapped by a Latin american man with dreadlocks and dark skin. In 2007 appeared the boy up after having been kidnapped by a white man, writes the Daily Mail.

In 2004 she told an unhappy mother, to the body of her daughter Amanda Berry was under water and had the dna of his killer on the jacket. Two years later, when the mother was dead, was alive Amanda Berry found along with two other kidnapped women.

His own death in 2013 shot Sylvia Browne past 11 years.

But what’s up with Dean Koontz, who in ‘the Eyes in darkness” (1981) tells of a deadly virus, created in a laboratory, which is unleashed to kill entire cities at once?

the more users on the social media especially noticed that the fictional virus called Wuhan-400 and are created in a laboratory in the chinese city of the same name – the same city where the real-life coronavirus covid-19 is believed to have originated at a food mart.

Moreover, the framework of Wuhan-400 – as it also seems to be the case for covid-19 – only people and either fondle or pet.

However, there are also large differences in the Wuhan-400 and covid-19, with the fictitious virus has a mortality rate of 100 percent, while the covid-19 has so far taken the lives of around two percent of those infected.

at the same time, one should note that Dean Koontz had never planned that his virus was invented in Wuhan. Since ‘Dark eyes’ was released in 1981, was the Gorki-400 and was created in Russia.

First by a reprint in 1989 was the biological weapon its current name Wuhan-400. Probably in the occasion of the end of The Cold War.

And finally – even though many conspiracy theorists would probably disagree – so was coronavirussen covid-19 is not created in a laboratory.