Police were first notified of the shootings by the one who volunteered from about five bangs in the area at Mortensrud at 1.55, writes VG. Police responded to the area and found the car and by Lofsrud school a tomhylse.

A half hour later the sign a man up for the police and tells that he had been shot at by the school, ” says operasjonsleder Vidar Pedersen at the Oslo police to the NTB.

It was very dark when the shooting took place, but the man who was shot at has explained that he saw six-seven mørkkledde people when the shots were fired.

the FIRST SHOOTING: in the Middle of Helga Vaneks vei at Mortensrud on the night of good Friday, it was fired shots on a car.

Photo: Fouad Acharki / NRK No injuries

At 3.10 call it a new person to the Oslo police, this time from Bjørndal, which also tells us that he had been shot at by a person.

– He was attempted to be stopped, and when he did not stop, he was shot at, ” says Pedersen on.

There are no reports of injury in connection with the shooting, but both cars have damage from the shots. Operasjonslederen explains that police have created a full investigation of the events and they are put in context.

on the Night of good Friday work of the police in both places with crime scene investigation. Both men who were fired upon have given explanation with the police.

“We are wide out in the investigation,” says Pedersen.