According to the working group of the Federal air transport Agency, coordinating the return of compatriots from foreign countries, March 20 was organized by the export flights from Morocco, Latin America, UAE, Moldova, China, Spain, Israel, Germany, Portugal, Serbia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Philippines, Maldives, Seychelles, Tanzania, Mauritius, South Africa, USA, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia, Montenegro, Japan, and South Korea.

“Since April 7, the import of Russian citizens abroad is carried out in accordance with the algorithm approved by the Operational headquarters of the Government of Russia to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, in collaboration with the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation, the Russian foreign Ministry and its missions abroad, the CPS and the heads of subjects of the Russian regions”, – said the Federal air transport Agency.

In particular, from April 7 to may 19, 155 flights returned more than 19.7 thousand Russians. Most flights were made for export from Thailand – 27. Of the European countries was performed 21 flights.

As explained in the Federal air transport Agency in the export program involving 12 flights of Russian airlines: “Aeroflot”, “Russia”, “Aurora”, “Ural airlines”, “Siberia”, “azure air”, “UTair”, “Royal Flight”, “Yakutia”, “Iraero”, “Nordavia”, “Icarus”.