Multiple alleged perpetrators behind the stabbings is still at large, and police are waiting for more arrests.

Friday evening of last week came a bleeding young man in the kiosk at Høje Taastrup Station. He had been stabbed with a knife. Now, the police have arrested two persons in the case.

the Arrests happened Wednesday evening, but the expectation of the police is that there will be more arrests in the case, says in a press release from Copenhagen is Ranked the Police.

– I am satisfied that it has managed to arrest the two suspects in this serious case. However, it is our assessment that there is still the perpetrators on the loose in this case and, therefore, is to continue the investigation, says police commissioner Henrik Hougaard in the press release.

the attack happened on Friday evening about o’clock, quarter of eight. The police investigation has shown that a group of several people at a parking space next to the Skagensgade 3 in Høje Taastrup attacked a 22-year-old man.

By the assaulted man was stabbed in the neck with a knife. The police describes as “a sharp knife”.

The two men, who police now have arrested, are respectively 24 and 27 years old. They are on Thursday and has been made a judge at the Court in Glostrup, where they have been remanded in custody in the preliminary four weeks.

out Of consideration for the investigation of the case, want the police not to share any further out of the information in the case. The prosecution therefore asked also about the closed doors of Thursday’s hearing, so that information about the case nor by the way can get out.

Copenhagen is Ranked the Police are investigating the case as a trial on manslaughter.