Police are working to determine the cause of a fire in the property with foreign workers.

the Police have now been able to identify the two men who lost their lives during a fire in Høje Taastrup in the last week.

Both of the deaths are from Lithuania, and their relatives have been notified, inform the superintendent Ole Nielsen in Copenhagen is Ranked the Police on Monday. The one was born in 1996, the second in 1988.

the Fire occurred in a former farmhouse on the Sengeløsevej the night of Tuesday in last week. The police got the message a little before two o’clock.

As the firefighters and police officers arrived, they were met by several people.

“We take three croats, seven lithuanians and a dane,” said a vagtchef in the last week.

the Reason for consideration the debt was incurred trying the police now to clarify, but the result is not yet available, inform the superintendent Ole Nielsen on Monday.

In the property lived more foreign workers to rent.

It was a motorist on the Holbækmotorvejen, who discovered the blaze and sounded the alarm, the regional media sn.dk previously stated.