In a modest 2000-soul village Grône in the lower Valais it POPs on Sunday evening violently. At 19.30, it came in a multi-family house on the Rue Centrale to an Explosion, such as the Canton police tells Wallis.

part of the facade was completely destroyed, the walls in the upper part of the house torn down. In front of the house debris and broken furniture towers. Two residents had to be injured to the hospital.

“I thought it was an avalanche,”

had told A neighbour: “There was a loud Bang. Then the window panes trembled. I thought an avalanche had thundered into the day.” Then the police drove right past. “I went outside and saw the destroyed house,” She.

How hard the people are injured, according to police is still unclear. But the neighbor says: “you are only slightly injured.” The police are now investigating, as it could to the Explosion. The residents of the house did not want to speak to a VIEW of the incident. (hah)