the Main innovation there will be more to come strictly according to the sessions, for example, at 10.00, at 12.00, and so on. The Museum will be no more than two hours. And third, you can walk will not be like anyone, but on strictly defined routes.

These routes and in General the algorithm works in the new environment is still being worked out. But St. Petersburg could see something like that in the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo, which in years past imposed, and routes, and sessions.

the system: the citizen buys a ticket, but inside he can go only with a group, she is here, in the lobby near the box office. Next, the group goes through the halls. The route is designed so that tourists could only go forward, not return, to keep up with the groups too.

So people do not get lost, the route is well marked, stocked with tied cords, to go beyond them. When all the rooms are completed, the group returns to the rendezvous point. If a visitor wants to see the show again, he needs to buy a new ticket. If he wants to see some rooms that were not in this route, he should buy a ticket on another route.

whether in the Hermitage, such a system is exactly repeated, is difficult to say, for now, still not the best time for the formation of groups of visitors in the halls.

in addition, the Hermitage has rooms which are in great interest, for example, kids are always crowded in the knights ‘ hall of the Winter Palace is always crowded at the clock “Peacock”. And, for example, in the halls devoted to the material culture of the Middle East in the Winter Palace, is almost always free. No crowds and in the halls of Western painting of the New time in the Main headquarters. Nevertheless, these facilities are greatly loved among connoisseurs.

At the Hermitage say that the scheme of visiting the Museum will change every two weeks, given the situation.

a Separate issue – date of opening of the Hermitage. In fact, the state museums in St. Petersburg from July 6, won the right to host visitors. But the General Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky said that the preparation for the Museum opening takes time and roughly in the Museum can be reached from the middle of the month.

the Hermitage Museum, like all museums of the Northern capital will have to operate in compliance with the requirements of the city authorities and the CPS. The basic requirements are as follows: all visitors and employees are required to be in masks and gloves, incoming and out must not overlap.

At the Hermitage say that there will be some additional points of entry and exit.

How long the restrictions in the Museum do not know. The Hermitage staff hope that by December, certainly all will end.

the New rules of the Hermitage Museum caused a stir in social networks. Users have divided into two camps.

Some say that love the Hermitage in��zmoznosti spend hours wandering through the halls, and walk in a group in one direction for a strictly defined route they are not interested. Others, on the contrary, looking forward to open a Museum to see anything, especially in the Hermitage itself promise to make the routes to show visitors a variety of exhibits.