The coin tray was empty on the open Moneybox, as Barbara Schmid on Monday morning, her Hoflädeli in Niederbuchsiten SO enters. “I knew something was wrong,” she says to VIEW. And indeed, The money was gone.

The artist is mad, it is this year, already the third Theft in your Lädeli. She says: “I decided to make the recordings of the surveillance camera on Facebook. The Thieving must stop.”

thief striking Hand-Tattoo

wearing The Hoflädeli-owner was a Screenshot of the surveillance video on the Facebook page of your “Studio Haeschmi”. In the process, they respected the privacy of the thief: “I deliberately chose a recording on which you can’t see your face. The Tattoo on the Hand is typical of the woman.”

The search works on their own. “We got fast feedback,” says Schmid. Apparently it is a couple from the Canton of Basel-land. “We have shown the two to the police.”

Barbara Schmid did not know the couple. You have seen neither the woman nor the man ever. In the night of Tuesday, the woman had returned, strangely enough, once again into the Lädeli. “They turned the CCTV camera in a different direction. I have no idea why,” says Schmid.

thief couple of drives in the farm shop in Melchnau on the loose

a Lot of rabid, apparently, is the procedure the same thief couple of the farmers, Daniel D.* (27) from Melchnau in the night before. “The thieves came in at 22.30 and have broken into the Moneybox. But fortunately we had emptied it to the 21 already. The man and the woman could therefore take nothing,” says D. to VIEW. But the brazen Few leaves then about the farm shop, but throws bottles of the Syrup and the food is still around. “They destroyed everything,” he says.

Shortly before 11 a.m., a Passerby noticed that in the Store was broken into and alerted Daniels mother, who lives 200 metres away from the Shop.

Because the thieves have taken nothing, taking D. takes nothing at first, posting the images of the monitoring camera, however, Facebook. Barbara Schmid sees the Post and immediately recognizes the two thieves, who had already reported to the police.


Daniel D. takes out the call again from the Internet and report on Tuesday also display. He hopes that the man and the woman are caught. “I think it’s a fucking joke. Every day we have a huge effort and then those people come here and just want to steal our money. That makes me really hässig,” says the 27-Year-old.

the concept of self-service shop, he wants to change in the future, but nothing, and also no additional locks installed. “Everything remains as it is,” he says.

* Name known to the editors