Two ski-goers were on the Sunday morning after the ascent of the Piz Tiarms from the ski depot in the wyssen gap on the descent in the direction of wide planggen. From non-clarified reasons, one of them, a 61 lost years of experienced and well-equipped man to a height of approximately 2’700 meters, both Skis. In the result, he slipped on the steep and icy, and with stones and rocks of the West flank continued to around 200 meters in depth.

The crash was in the Canton of Zurich, resident man of such severe injuries that he died still at the accident in the town of gurtnellen UR. This is the police Department of the Canton of Uri, writes in a message.

Guttannen is killed in an accident on Sunday morning, also a woman (39) deadly on a ski tour. As the Canton police of Bern, informs, were the woman and a man on departure from the lauteraar-horn. The woman crashed from unknown reasons in rough terrain.

in the Canton of Bern resident Swiss serious injuries suffered. A rescue team was only able to find her death.

The accident is being investigated by the police of the Canton of Bern under the direction of the regional Prosecutor’s office Oberland. (noo/SDA)