on Tuesday, a judge in Næstved take a position on whether the two arrested be kept in custody.

Several people were present in an apartment on the Motalavej in Korsør, since from the outside fired several shots in through the apartment window. It came to pass 8. march.

Now, the police have made arrest in the case. Two people are arrested and charged with attempted murder. On Tuesday, they will be presented to a judge at the Court in Næstved, denmark.

Here, the prosecution will ask the court to varetægtsfængsle men.

In a press release tells the inspector, inspector Kim Kliver, that the police have investigated the case intensively and obtained overvågningsvideomateriale as well as questioned a number of witnesses.

“We know from our presence in the area, that this shooting incident has made many people uncomfortable. We are therefore satisfied that we now have been able to arrest and aimed two persons for the attempted murder,” he says in a press release.

According to the politiinspektøren are the two arrests may be only a beginning.

“We can not deny that there may be additional arrests,” says Kim Kliver.