In the further course of the year, this function should be available around the world, such as the responsible for security matters Team of the short message service announced on Wednesday.

Twitter should not be abused, “to manipulate elections, or to intervene in,” said the security team. Wrong information can be reported via the new function, and relate to, among other things, the Form of voting. So far, have been distributed about again and again, the misinformation that via E-Mail, telephone, text messages or Twitter messages can be elected.

the Tweets were used according to the company, to the dissemination of false data or times for voting. All of the Tests, the procedures for registering to vote or voting to undermine, “contrary to the fundamental values of our company,” it was said in the message.

Since the US presidential election campaign of 2016, with its massive dissemination of false and manipulative content on online networks, these companies are under pressure against such practices. You have not stepped up their respective efforts, in the view of many critics, however, go far enough.

So the EU Commission threw the end of February, the online networks with a view to the European elections, only insufficiently protected against incorrect information. The Commission had agreed with Google, Facebook and Twitter in September, a voluntary code of conduct against false news.