Twitter (USA): armored car the US clipped Russian

The Twitter account of Mohammad published a video in which a military vehicle, the US cuts off the movement of the armored vehicles with the Russian flag and forced her to stop “In Syria on Wednesday, the vehicle of the U.S. army cut machine military police, pushed her out of the way”, the report said.

#US army vehicle pushes #Russia police vehicle off the road, today, eastern Qamishli NE #Syria.

— Mohammad (@ibrashino) February 19, 2020

“This is so stupid. We risk to deal directly with Russian troops, which can lead to deaths on both sides, and also a great crisis with unknown consequences,” wrote Twitter user Daniel L. Davis in the comments.

This is so stupid. We are risking clashes directly with Russian troops that could end up killing ppl on either or both sides — potentially sparking a larger crisis with unknown ultimate consequences. And all in an environment that has *nothing* to do with American security! ?

— Daniel L. Davis (@DanielLDavis1) February 19, 2020

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