the Social network Twitter explained why he said two posts of President of the United States Donald trump about voting by mail in California how do not lie.

“We’ve added a note to the two publications of the US President Donald trump plans a vote by mail in California in an effort to ensure our policy of honesty and social events. We believe that these tweets might lead voters confused about what they need to do to get the newsletter and participate in the electoral process”, – stated in the security service of the social network.

earlier messages trump that voting by mail leads to a significant fraud has been a call for fact-checking. Now, under these publications hanging exclamation mark in a blue circle with the inscription: “Look at the facts about voting by mail”. The link in your signature leads to a special page on Twitter with Politico article “trump makes unsubstantiated claims that voting by mail leads to a falsification of results.” Following is a brief excerpt from Twitter lists that incorrectly said the President.

In response to similar actions on Twitter, the White house announced that it will begin to strictly regulate or even close social network, if they continue to drown out the voices of conservatives.