“fort boyard” had to be turned back on TV3 for the spring, but are now being deferred.

the entertainment program “fort boyard” was 11-year break, returning on TV3 this spring. But because of the coronakrisen it becomes popular program is now postponed to later in the year.

It informs the Chronically Group, which is behind the program, in a press release.

– In the aftermath of the coronavirusset are companies all over the world are forced to make changes, including Chronically Group.

– One of the things we can act on here and now is the deferral of programs, and unfortunately, that means that the “fort boyard” is postponed to later in the year. We communicate a new date when we know more and come closer, says chief communications officer for the Chronically Group Denmark, Mette Barnes, in the press release.

Here is also revealed the full list of participants, which will compete in various cross-border disciplines, and collect keys on the French Fort Boyard.

the List counts among others the actors are Esben Dalgaard, Therese Glahn and Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis, comedians Karsten Green, Torben Chris as well as the rapper Lucy Love.

the Past is the podcast the duo Signe Lindkvist and Iben Hjejle, fawlty towers-the stars Merete Mærkedahl and Ulla Vejby, as well as realitystjernerne Stephanie “Geggo” Salvarli, Amalie Szigethy and Janni Ree also published as part of the deltagerholdet, which counts almost 50 Danish celebs.

“fort boyard” has been running on british tv for decades and was first shown in 1993.

When the program is again being broadcast on TV3, this is the first time since 2009.

Here it is with Camilla Ottesen and Joachim Boldsen as hosts and Anders Lund Madsen as a wise man in the tower.