Trouble for actor Fritz Wepper (77)! The former “Derrick”-wizard has a lunatic armed with a tennis club on the neck. The noble tennis club in Rottach-Egern (D) on the Tegernsee lake, has given him a ban – this also applies to Ex-girlfriend Susanne Kellermann (45) and their daughter Filippa (7).

“to Us this was based on the grounds that I have with the other members three years ago, a decision of the Board of management by E-critically. It came to the notice of the then school of tennis. This was the basis of existence of a family. We wanted to know the reasons for the family to work,” says Kellermann, “image”.

Wepper is sour

Kellermann wanted to leave her daughter in the Club, but was refused. The dispute ended finally in front of the Bavarian Tennis Association, and should convey. “According to the intermediary’s Board of Directors as Oliver Eichhorn didn’t want a Mediation meeting. Instead, we got all days later, with a house ban on the plant”, said Wepper told the newspaper. According to Weppers lawyer of the tennis club had not been to a clarifying conversation ready. (wyt)