concern about the ESC winner Lena Meyer-Landrut (27): The singer, the recording of the TV Show “Inas Nacht” is so bad that the shipment had to take place without you. Is it happens according to the “picture” on Sunday night at the port of Hamburg. The “Satellite”-was a singer as a guest in the 133. A result of the iconic NDR-Show Talkerin Ina Müller (54) is provided, along with “crime scene”-actress Anna Loos (48).

In the samples, everything was good

And first of all, suggested nothing, and the following Drama: The samples of the consignment were gone without any significant problems on the stage. Later, however, Meyer-Landruts condition deteriorated rapidly, she was bent even before the pain. The singer had to finally leave.

< p > upset stomach, Lena put flat

To the newspaper confirmed to the TV station: “the evening to record the time it was Lena Meyer-Landrut due to a stomach upset due to a food intolerance health so bad that they could not occur in the program.”

such An incident had taken place in the twelve year history of the Show. How is Lena my mind, is not known. She was not to reach been, it is said in the report. (wyt)