Who is currently the best driver in the formula 1 field? The naked Figures speak with six world championship titles clear for Lewis Hamilton. Sky’s expert Martin Brundle has not betrayed in the context of a Q#AND#A on Twitter, however, is that he believes that would push Hamilton over a whole season, so clearly against Max Verstappen, if both of them had the same Material, at least.

“by 2019, I would have put my money on Hamilton,” brings the former formula 1-Pilot. “But I have the feeling that the tide is turning. I am therefore particularly sad that we can’t see Max against Lewis currently”, and he plays on the current corona crisis. The season 2020 will start according to the current state at the earliest in mid-June in Canada.

Verstappen delivered with three Victories and a world Cup place in the last season of 2019 its best year yet in formula 1. While the 22-Year-old has this season last Chance to become the youngest world champion of all time, could Hamilton draw in another world Cup Triumph with a record-breaking champion Michael Schumacher the same.

This article was written by Ruben Zimmermann

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