it is one of the most well-known TV presenter in Switzerland: Viola Tami (38). In the show “Hello Again” presented to you again on Saturday, the biggest stars. Over VIEW of the Zurich-what you like reveals – and what you can do without.

What I love: to eat warmed-Up Pasta bolognese from yesterday. Fried, of course. And then the next day the same again.Go at sunset, barefoot in the cool Sand. So feels “perfect” for me.The smell of a theatre. And the very special atmosphere. A theatre has, for me, almost magical.When I sit with my family at the table and we all laugh together about it, that to me is the dinner, is once again failed.When I got to the sports muscle soreness. In lazier times, also a good reason to pause the next day.The book “life is too short for later” by Alexandra pure Warth. It makes the self-experiment what it would be like to experience everything for the last Time.People run as fast as I can. They tell me that my running pace was slightly excessive.Men to wear T-Shirts. Whether at home or on the go with casual Jeans. I like this Look.Romantic pop ballads such as “Every Breath You Take” by the Police. I’m not the Kitsch type. But in the case of these Songs the world is with me for a couple of minutes pink.I have the boat slip. Last December, I passed the test. I was nervous before each live show. What I hate: That Stimorol-chewing gum may not simply be twice as large.”Hardcore Jammeris”. People who whine always and everywhere and always only the Bad in everything to see. Terribly exhausting.Questionnaires. “Chönd please no usfülle?” And carried out a someone a clipboard with a ballpoint pen.If the music is too quiet. There is a certain level that must not be exceeded.The display on the coffee machine: “three references to Descale the machine.” Every Time a shock.If in may, it’s still Winter. At some point, then, is simple enough. I’m a Southerner. My mood barometer drops below 20 degrees.Tardiness. To let someone wait, I find extremely disrespectful. I’m prefer a few minutes early.Non-functioning radiator. I’m cold really fast. I need to be able to my heating leave.If only unripe Avocados are on the shelf.Pain At The End Of Skates. Therefore, the conclusion is for me, after two rounds each again. I could but the Biellmann-Pirouette, when I’m properly warmed up.

From 1999 to 2007, played the Viola Tami (38) in the “Lüthi & Blanc”. As a presenter she led by “The biggest Swiss talents”, and “I schänke dir-it song”. In addition, she plays Theater and Radio Energy. The early riser is married since 2012, with Roman Kilchsperger (49), with whom she has two sons.