TV presenter Dmitry Borisov answers the questions of

Today at 18:00 on the website “RG” – online interview with Dmitriy Borisov. Live he will answer questions from the Explorer, “RG” Susanna Alperina.

Photo: iStock the Network premiere of the documentary series “It’s me”

Dmitry Borisov is not only a leading rating of “Let them talk” on channel one. He is the General producer of the company “First channel. World network”, a digital collection of the First channel. Our interlocutor – the winner of the television award TEFI and active figure in the Runet.

the conversation will be on television and the Internet in the era of the pandemic. How to change their functions in a time when people are sitting at home in isolation? How to choose what to watch not to lose time. How much time a day to spend online? Is it always loud announcements mean quality content? How to remove TV shows and TV movies in the current difficult times? Who should I invite? How to accommodate guests in the Studio? How to spend time on the Internet? All this and much more – a conversation with Dmitry Borisov.