well-Known TV presenter and model Alena Vodonaeva admitted that he will never be able to give birth. About it it is told in the movie “Vodonaeva. The confession”.

According to Vodonaevoy, even when she was married to businessman Alexei Malakaeva, they have long worked to have a baby. The children “were constantly fighting,” she really wanted to bear her husband a son. But the fact of the matter is it happened ectopic pregnancy. After the first such failure Vodonaeva was shocked, but after three months, the situation repeated itself.

“You don’t even imagine how it affects your psyche when the second ectopic pregnancy again. I thought I’ll jump overboard. I then removed the tube,” – said TV presenter.

After that surgery, she then did it again to get pregnant, but after only a month of fetal heart stopped. She again had to undergo surgery.

After parting with Malakaeva Vodonaeva started Dating tattoo artist Anton Korotkov. They were able to conceive a child, but then it turned out that this is again an ectopic pregnancy. After another surgery to remove the fallopian tube, waking up from the anesthesia, Vodonaeva learned from doctors that can’t have more children.

“That’s it then, in that moment, lying in a nice house that I paid for myself, I realized that more not like before not like it. I myself can’t my son to give to a brother or sister, because I don’t have pipes” — shared Alena in the film “Vodonaeva. Confession” on the Premier portal.

Now Vodonaeva educates their only son, 10-year-old Bogdan.

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