A father as the winner of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” The big gambler special” would of course have been a hit on Father’s Day. But there is no Hollywood script for the RTL show. The quiz night was entertaining nonetheless. That was mainly due to Lars Hermes. The single from Hamburg is not (yet) a dad, but he was the beaming winner of the Father’s Day edition: With a big mouth and great courage, he proved himself worthy of the gamer theme. Professionally, Hermes is a partner in a brand for speech therapy practices.

After the predecessor on the council chair reported about his hair transplant and Hermes had the same operation, Günther Jauch joked: “Father’s Day is all about medical hair transplants, we wanted to focus on ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?'” the moderator explained with tongue-in-cheek humour.

Speaking of humour: Lars Hermes amused the audience with an anecdote from his time as presenter at the now-defunct contest broadcaster 9live: After he had described a pastry press as a penis pump, he received a warning, was banned for a year, and the product donor got out . Jauch claimed that he enjoyed the freedom of fools at RTL and was allowed to say everything. However, he did not dare to test …

The 16,000 euro question: “Which city was the most populous in the Federal Republic on the day before reunification?” The choices were: Berlin (West), Hamburg, Munich, Bonn. The eloquent candidate knocked out a pithy saying. His motto of the evening was: “Go big or go home!” Jauch was enthusiastic: “Great, can we buy that for the gambler special?” Lars Hermes correctly chose Berlin.

Jauch congratulated and at the same time explained one of the more difficult rules of the gambler special: “Get through the first nine questions without a joker – now you can let it rip or get help.” The candidate did the same with the 32,000 euro question : “In the list of which title holders do you find the ‘Rote Emmalie’ and the ‘Weinberger Schloßkipfler’?” Butterfly of the year, grape variety of the year, children’s book of the year, potato of the year?

Lars Hermes asked Jauch to congratulate the telephone joker on his birthday, which he did. The moderator was amazed when Hermes explained that the Joker had also had a hair transplant done. “In all modesty, I am the only natural beauty still sitting here,” Günther Jauch summed it up. The joker tended uncertainly to the answer “potato of the year”. Lars Hermes gambled and progressed!

For 64,000 euros, Jauch wanted to know: “Who discovered his passion for the stage when Bono took him out of the audience at a U2 concert to help out on the guitar?” The additional joker believed: Michael Mittermeier. After the subsequent 50:50 joker, Lars Hermes explained: “I gamble.” Jauch thought that was “great”. In fact, Mittermeier was correct.

For the 125,000-euro question, the candidate chose the audience joker: “Bathyscaphe were built in order to…?” Go fast, fly high, dive deep, jump far? The swarm intelligence was 88 percent for “diving deep”. When the candidate slipped the microphone transmitter, a battery fell out. When Jauch looked for them on the ground, he murmured: “You can’t hear them anymore, that’s what…” The audience laughed, but Jauch only meant it jokingly: Even though Lars Hermes chatted a lot, it was always entertaining.

“You’ll get a hand microphone, just like in the hit parade,” Jauch promised and handed it over. He couldn’t resist another dig: “This microphone is remote controlled! If someone talks too much, the self-ignition mechanism kills the battery… That’s never happened on the show.” Hermes followed the argumentation of the collective and rightly chose answer C.

When asked the 250,000 euro question, Hermes gambled again: “Among which animals are there behavioral specimens that experts call ‘mirror fencers’?” Birds, spiders, fish, insects? “There’s still a few seconds chance of a quarter of a million,” Günther Jauch put on the pressure. “A, birds!” shouted the candidate and surprised both the guests in the studio and the moderator with his courageous reaction. “I have to catch my breath – and you at home too,” decided Jauch. After the commercial break, the resolution: guessed right again! “Yes!” Hermes shrieked enthusiastically. Jauch was enthusiastic: “If it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t exist! Crazy!”

The 750,000 euro question: “Which film character appears four times in the American Film Institute’s list of the 100 best film quotes from US films?” Forrest Gump, Rick Blaine, Rhett Butler, Vito Corleone? “It’s called the Zocker Special,” Lars Hermes began. A murmur went through the audience, Jauch made an undefined sound that expressed amazement. But the sentence ended like this: “But sometimes the eggs aren’t that big after all.”

Hermes left with 250,000 euros. Before that, Jauch decided: “Now we’re just going to dissolve.” Hermes asked: “What?” Then Jauch: “Well, the question. You’re so drunk on your own stories you’re like, where am I?” The correct answer would be: Rick Blaine in Casablanca, played by Humphrey Bogart.

Anna Haacks from Siegburg earned 32,000 euros. Susanne Haller from Gernsbach gambled and fell to 1,000 euros. Jan Cassola also turned out to be a gambler and was rewarded with 125,000 euros. Nadine Skrzypczak from Gelsenkirchen plummeted from 4,000 to 1,000 euros.

On Thursday evening, five finalists fought for the title “Germany’s next top model” 2022. The 17th season of Heidi Klum’s model show was all about the motto “Diversity”. In the end, 18-year-old Lou-Anne from Vienna won the title. The spectacle to read in the minute minutes.

That has never been the case with “Germany’s Next Top Model”. In the final, mother and daughter compete against each other for the first time. In the interview, Martina and Lou-Anne explain how they deal with this unusual competitive situation and what they intend to do if they win with the 100,000 euros in prize money.

“I knew that the evening would be tough,” says FDP man Bijan Djir-Sarai during the evening at “Markus Lanz”. But he probably didn’t expect that he would spend almost the entire broadcast time defending his party. Lanz, on the other hand, clearly enjoys dismantling the FDP.

The original of this post “”Doesn’t exist! Crazy!” Ex-moderator gambles at Jauch for a mega win” comes from Teleschau.