RTL celebrates its own cult programs for an evening and reveals manipulations and true backgrounds. The “jungle camp” enemies Nick and Buster are also asked to reconcile. But the opposite happens.

Hella von Sinnen was in the TV show “Everything nothing, right?!” sometimes fries, sometimes a palm tree and then again a cow with an udder on her head. The Cologne Art Academy sewed the crazy costumes she wore between 1988 and 1992. Three people helped the presenter into the dressing room. Just getting out and in was not possible. So Hella couldn’t go to the toilet during the show.

“It was wonderful to just let everything go in the shower after the show,” admits Hella. Hugo says they never went to the bathroom during the show and sniffs a bit. “You always pull your nose up. You don’t do coke,” Hella scolds. “Would you like some more bread with that?” Full nose and full bladder. In the “Unforgettable” show, truths are not spared. This also includes the fact that the cakes that ended up flying in people’s faces weren’t real.

“We tested it with a Black Forest cake and smelled rancid afterwards,” explains Hella von Sinnen. We have decided that this is not possible. So cakes were used that would have consisted “only of beaten egg whites”. Of course, the guests would never have gotten a cake in their face. “That’s why we always manipulated,” admits von Sinne. An exception, however, was Harald Schmidt.

At the end of the evening, 16 cakes were thrown in his face. That too was manipulated. “It was a big children’s birthday party for us,” says Balder. “There was an old man and a fat aunt who played funny games,” von Sinnen explains the concept. Balder adds: “There was no depth.” There was also no quota. “At the time we didn’t even know if anyone was even watching us.”

Desiree Nick and Dolly Buster reunite in the studio after their time at “jungle camp” 18 years ago. Since then there has been radio silence. At the time, Nick had certified Dolly as having “perceptual disorders”. Dolly, in turn, dubbed Desiree “Parasite, you stupid.” Right at the beginning of the meeting, Nick sets a first tip: “Meeting Dolly in the camp was only a side event for me. I became the first German king of the jungle and Dolly was out after 24 hours.”

Then Nick reports on a meeting on the Düsseldorfer Kö, which had apparently been arranged by Dolly before the show. “You told me back then that I shouldn’t talk about your breasts, your face, your figure and your lips in the camp.” Dolly Buster looks surprised: “That’s a lie, like you always lie. That’s your dirty character that you keep.” Desiree Nick jumps up, ranting about unprofessionalism and leaves the studio.

Tanja and Stephan got married 30 years ago in the “dream wedding”. Stephan calls it psychoterror. “I was totally overwhelmed,” he explains. “I thought a bus would hit me!” It was the first show to feature a live wedding in the studio. In between there was a small disappointment. The couple gets a dining room as a gift from the broadcaster for their wedding. Wall unit, round group of tables.

“Back then we had 67 square meters with sloping ceilings. That didn’t fit at all,” says Stephan. “We were 35 and not 65 years old!”. After the “dream wedding”, Stephan in particular had celebrity status. “He was recognized everywhere,” says Tanja. At the bakery, in big cities, but also on vacation by the pool in Kenya. Strangers bring gifts and flower baskets. Then another couple got in touch and asked if Tanja and Stephan could have a sexual foursome.

Menowin Fröhlich and Mehrzad Marashi are back in front of the camera together after twelve years. The singers sang against each other in the final of “DSDS” in 2010. Menowin says: “I did everything wrong that could be done wrong. I looked very arrogant on the outside.” Marashi says: “I never felt like a superstar, but rather as someone who had won a talent show.” All the money in the first year after his DSDS victory was more or less in the air dissolved. “If you don’t know money, it wasn’t a lot of money,” he says.

During the show, Marashi felt that RTL didn’t want him to win. Once even his technique didn’t work and he had to sing without really hearing the music. He believes in a nasty trick. The final is even accompanied by a “picture” campaign against Menowin. Marashi triumphed with 56 percent. Today he has a music label. Menowin, on the other hand, got out of the role and ran into trouble with the law.

“‘Bauer sucht Frau’ is more about love than ‘Bachelor’,” explains Paul Janke. The Hamburger should know, he was a bachelor himself, chose a certain Anja as his queen of hearts and broke up with her before the show was broadcast. The relationship lasted less than three months. “I had a great time and don’t want to miss the last few years. But finding the right woman has been more difficult since then than it was before the show,” says Janke.

Narumol sits next to him. She found the right person at “Bauer sucht Frau”. Her husband is the shy farmer Josef, whom she met on the show. When a film is running that shows Janke as a bachelor stroking and kissing other women, Narumol says: “My God, you take what you can get.” Janke counters: “Before you buy a car, you have to why don’t you go for a test drive too?” Maybe Paul doesn’t find the right person because of such sentences.

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