The bachelorette tells about hair loss caused by illness and a “shit time” with a man. Now she has plenty of choice in Thailand. It’s just a pity that most of the guys are very similar. Luckily, she’s already sent three of those guys home.

That shouldn’t be easy for Sharon Battiste. The trained office clerk is looking for the man of her life. At least that’s what she says. She has experienced disappointments. But now she is ready. Great love is waiting. Twenty guys face the Bachelorette to choose from. The waves are roaring in Thailand. Tight bodies in the sparkling light. The sun affects the hormones. At first glance, however, the offer is essentially divided into two categories: Here muscular guys, there awkward little boys. In the first fraction, the rolled-up shirt tightens over the inflated biceps. The second category stumbled nervously across the red carpet to their beloved and can hardly find any more words than “mega”, “awesome”, “wow”.

Tim J., 24, from Kirchheim unter Teck belongs to the variety of fabric softeners. “I feel aura. If I really want someone, you can see it in my eyes,” explains the supply chain logistics specialist in the floral shirt. He also claims he’s “poetically tinged.” But then he stammers pure gibberish in the face of the pretty ones. He confesses: “I was at a loss for words. I was super flashed.” The second category includes Basti, 36. The Berliner was once married, has two children and earns his living as a stripper. “I know you. You’re a stripper,” Sharon says suddenly. “I went to your stripper show with my girls. We liked it.” A stripper as a man for life?

Sharon Battiste is 30 years old, from Cologne and has Jamaican roots. “I’m ready for the adventure of my life,” she says, giving her occupation as an actress. Hopefully she takes the show seriously. Not that one is acting. “I want to feel real again,” she says. Before that, she had experienced a severe disappointment in a relationship. “But I didn’t come out. It was a shitty time.” She lost weight and hair. Sharon wears wigs. She has circular hair loss. Your head is shaved. You learned from it. For example, that the time is too short to deal with bad men. At the end of the first episode, three men are thrown out of their lives. Dennis, 23, from Bad Soden-Salmünster, Mohamed, 36, from Munich and Patrick, 35, from Fürth disappear from Sharon’s life. This is therapy!

Max receives the first rose from Sharon’s hand. The 26-year-old also comes from Cologne, is a soccer player and is doing his Master of Business Administration in America via distance learning. His smile is as smart as his brain, albeit with slightly crooked teeth. As a greeting, he tells Sharon: “You would make a good player’s wife. I’ll wrap you up!” Silence is sometimes golden, even for students. Max opens his jacket and proudly shows the inscription on the T-shirt: “I’m waiting for a girl like you!” That’s a pretty brave confession at the first hello. Tim D., 30, from Freiburg im Breisgau is the last to get out of the car that drops the candidates on the red carpet to the villa. The man loves football, fitness and mountain biking, works as a technician and DJs at weddings. That’s about the average vita of the entire team. Tim says: “You are incredibly beautiful!” Sharon draws a more sober conclusion from her applicants: “Nice, we can work with that! I’m not afraid of anything right now!”

In contrast to the men, Sharon seems confident. Not a drop of sweat forms. Of course, that could be because she says she uses Botox to fight her sweaty armpits. Her father gave her a pen and said: “Don’t screw it up and bring it back – just like the guy”. Sharon also says that she likes to have sex when it’s good and that she sometimes kisses on the first date if she feels like it. Is it possible to find the man for life in this way? The images that RTL captures are probably aimed at something different. Sharon in the golden glitter dress, where the spaghetti straps slide down. Sharon emerges from the waves soaking wet in the skimpiest bikini. High heels, red lips, skimpy skirts.

Stas, 28, from Saarbrücken (magician, model, trained lifeguard, deputy Mr. Saarland), Emanuell, 29, from Munich (recruiter, “I’m a cool guy who looks good and much too has to offer.”) and Jan, 31, from Hanover (florist in his parents’ business). Jan smiles delightfully and hopes he can “change” Sharon’s bad experiences with men. Emanuell explains that he has “already felt irritation” and wants to “fall in love now”. His “bad boy” image is also well received by Sharon. And Stas had conjured up a lolly for the bachelorette and whistled: “You’re sweet enough yourself, but a lolly always works”. It’s quite possible that the magician has other tricks up his sleeve.”

Wow, what a tight box! It was only with the very last jury coin that it was decided on the beach in Thailand who should win the “battle of the reality stars”. The winner? A real “devil’s wife”!

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