It is possibly the ultimate duel between two TV chefs with a big mouth and a great deal of culinary experience behind them. VOX has already said “Mälzer and Henssler deliver” three times. Steffen Henssler won twice, most recently Tim Mälzer won. Now it was time to find out a fourth time which of the two North German chefs would conjure up the better delivered food for customers whose tastes and preferences could only be guessed at from complicated clues.

The clues for round 1 of the duel: two female students, pressure cooker, ginger, banana, 45 minutes, veggie/vegan. Jill and Jules would like “something really fresh,” just no cilantro, please. Mälzer was only half off with his Asian noodle salad: “Lots of ginger, coriander underneath, that’s it. Poultry broth, I’ll make a bit of chop chop, done.” Henssler shouted: “Do we also have vegetable broth? I was about to pour chicken broth on top.” Mälzer winced: “Digga, I would have done it originally.” Sometimes a competitor is good for something.

Mälzer provided: kale salad, Asian ramen soup, tramezzini and banana powershake. Henssler supplied: vegan tom kha gai, sprouts, cauliflower, pumpkin and lime risotto. Henssler got three stars: “Risotto too powerful”, “too much cabbage”, overall “too flatulent”. Mälzer won the round with four stars: “It was just a dream”, but “too much coriander”.

Round 2: six people, family with grandma Ingrid, “Mackerel Day”, 70 minutes. “I’ll make a Hamburg eel soup,” Mälzer thought. “I hope that’s enough to drive you to the wall with a dish.” Henssler made cod. Michael Mittermeier came in the door and ordered tuna from Henssler and Burgundy cheeks from Mälzer. They were joined by Max Giesinger. “Are you kidding me?” Henssler and Mälzer called out from the kitchen. “You have to take two other dishes so that they get even more stress,” Mittermeier grinned. So Giesinger ordered the potato and mushroom goulash.

“Plaisir the head of the family, you have to please him,” Mälzer recognized Grandma Ingrid’s age from the hint. Then he added red fruit jelly to his mackerel menu. Henssler supplied: mackerel tartare and smoked mackerel, cod on pear and bean bacon, mustard and mackerel sauce and crêpes. Mälzer provided: crostini mackerel confit, smoked saffron soup with smoked mackerel, peppered mackerel with mushrooms and red berry jelly. Grandma Ingrid gave Henssler a two-euro tip: “For the coffee fund.” In addition, Henssler only got three stars again: “The main course is delicious, but no mackerel.” Mälzer creamed off four stars: “Made with love.”

Round 3: two people, 60 minutes, rice cooker, mortar, lemon juice, inseparable for 20 years. It was Jakob and Tim, best friends and musicians. “Schnitzel is good. Breaded. People like it,” thought Mälzer. Henssler delivered what he does best: sushi. Next clue: truffles. Henssler ran into the pantry: “I’ll put everything in my pocket so he can’t take it away.” Mälzer looked for the truffle: “Don’t we have it anymore? Did you steal it?” Henssler admitted: “I took everything.” Mälzer challenged: “That’s fair game over.” So he stole the goods back.

“Because of the score, I’ll keep this note,” Henssler put the receipt with the new note in his pocket. “Doesn’t he really want to tell me that now?” asked Mälzer, irritated. “If Steffen wins this show like this, I won’t compete anymore,” he threatened. Henssler gave in: Europe, Asia, South America – it’s delicious everywhere.

Mälzer delivered: turkey schnitzel with puree and cucumber salad, shrimp skewers and BBQ duck taco. “Ahhh, you bitch!” He commented on Henssler’s sushi. “You’ve cheated, cheated, betrayed me, withheld leads, taken products from me, didn’t share with me, and now you’re doing Henssler Go too.” Henssler provided: Spicy Salmon Tempura Roll, Entrecôte with Black -Bean sauce, loup de mer ceviche and papaya salad. This time Mälzer only got 3 stars: “The schnitzel is a bit boring and unfortunately dry.” Henssler got 4 stars: “Papaya salad is pretty awesome.”

Round 4: one person, hotel, 60 minutes, 1x Tim’s favorite dish, 1x Steffen’s favorite dish. “I found the task unfair,” said Mälzer. “I’m a favorite dish chef. Steffen can only lose there.” He opted for chicken fricassee. Henssler chimed in: “Of course I could order sushi.” But he didn’t and tried Surf’n’Turf with potato chips. “We’re supposed to put our personality in the dish, and Steffen doesn’t have any,” joked Mälzer.

Mälzer wanted to top his meal with a hollandaise au gratin, but the cardboard to-go dishes immediately caught fire. “I got really sick of it,” Mälzer wagged frantically to put out the fire and save his chicken.

Celebrity customer Gildo Horn freaked out at the fricassee: “Wow! Cool! Cool! Great!” – He found Henssler’s Suf’n’Turf-Carpaccio “clever”. Both got 5 stars, so Mälzer won the delivery service fight, which threatened to escalate in the meantime.

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