Well, what else could a father who has already received in abundance in life be happy about on his birthday? “He already has a lot of things,” explains Davina, who grew up speaking several languages: “But there are still one or two things that he can use for his collection.” And because she and sister Shania have the chance “in the middle of Monaco”. Being able to go shopping doesn’t take them long to find the perfect Louis Vuitton backpack either: “He’s still missing it, even though Gucci has cheaper prices.”

Finding something beautiful is important to them, because they have to make up for a huge faux pas. The call Robert expected shortly after midnight didn’t happen: “No one answered,” Davina apologizes. Sure, the landline connection in Geiss’s apartment doesn’t seem as pompous as the rest – but what’s the point of “calling via WLAN”, finds the angry Robert: “After all, this is the young generation here.” “Exactly”, agrees with Carmen: “Just take ‘What’s Up’!”

“Oh, we just buy something nice, then everything is forgotten,” is Shania’s and Davina’s compensation strategy. And indeed, Robert can now pack his Vuitton backpack with the prospect of something particularly beautiful. There is an exclusive visit to relatives for the piece of luggage.

In order to make Robert’s unsuspecting father “Grandpa Reinhold” happy for his 80th birthday in Spain, the daughters rented a private jet through Robert’s “Office Manager” Elke (“Let us know when everything is confirmed”). “That’s why you have big children,” says the proud father: “So that you get something organized.” “There is no direct connection from Nice to Mallorca,” explains Shania, and other things are still missing in the preparation: “Balloons, decorations and white pants .” As she learns from secret sources, grandpa, as a convinced Cologne boy, is planning a party in red and white.

Mother Carmen knows how to evade the multi-colored encounter with her husband’s hunchbacked relatives: Her own mother urgently needs to be visited in Cologne at the same time. Shania is the clan that is honored in Spain, known more second-hand: “I’ve seen a few of the cousins ​​on Instagram.”

However, they fondly remember Grandpa Reinhold, a charmer of the very old breed (“Your grandma was never a bunny, now she’s an old bunny”) and provide him and his guests with a compilation of ten-year-old “Die Geissens” – follow together. And so the TV audience also experiences the former fair outfitter and sprightly pensioner, who sometimes takes off his wet Speedo swimming trunks in front of the camera, in all kinds of action sports with the girlie duo as a child.

“No horse in the stable gets that old,” says son Robert in the video, which his father countered in the speech: “Robert is in the world because coitus interruptus only works with the Romans.” The patriarch is not lacking in intrusive humor , but occasionally he also hits the mark: When he finds out that Davina’s suede shoes cost 1,900 euros (“They’re only worth two zeros less at most”), he muses: “They’ve developed in one direction, come on I no longer with you.”

However, the grandfather finds the gift from his granddaughters “zero plus ultra”, and his son Robert, whose eloquence, business talent and individual taste are even more obvious in comparison with his father (“We just didn’t have any contraceptives”), can also go on relaxed sigh on the return flight in a private jet: “That was Ämoschn at its finest.”

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