After “Sing meine Song”, Vox invites this year’s host Johannes Oerding and his buddy Clueso to an outdoor adventure in the South African wilderness – and serves the viewers a nothing disguised as an artist portrait plus tourism advertising.

As if “Sing mein Song” weren’t already a successful format enough, Vox has added something extra to this season: each exchange concert is followed by a 60-minute documentary special on one of the participating artists. More time for inspection and introspection, for intimacy at a distance: the art of approaching an artist without really getting close to him is made into a TV format here. Chapeau!

This time it’s Johannes Oerding’s turn, host of the ninth season. He just cried over Elif’s interpretation of “Alles brennt”, he just honored his singing buddy Clueso for his version of “Im February”, now he is the center of attention again. And should add a shovel of emotions to it. Is that still possible?

His friends supposedly call him “Johnny Controletti” because Oerding is the type of person who always wants to have everything under control. Who always goes through everyday life fully planned: Everything is work, work is everything. Therefore, says Oerding, it is now his plan to finally have no plan. However, it is conceivable that the screenwriters wrote this sentence into the shooting schedule.

No immediate return flight ticket this time after the end of the exchange concert, no instant return to day-to-day business: “I don’t want to make that mistake again,” Oerding tells the camera and remains in the South African host hut after the singing colleagues have left. He wants to go on an adventure with Clueso, two buddies all alone. If you disregard the Vox camera team. In other words: keep working without it looking like work.

The Grootbos Private Nature Reserve is the third protagonist of this story. Hotel owner Michael Lutzeyer not only wants to bring Johannes Oerding and Clueso closer to nature, but above all wants to tell people throughout Germany how unique the luxury hotel is, where the stars have been singing their songs to each other for years. Pictures like from the Sylt travel brochure, only without 9-euro tourists.

Ranger Sean drives Oerding and Clueso through the bush while the two musicians sing popular hits from Disney’s “Jungle Book”. Under ranger supervision, the two colleagues then collect mussels at Walker Bay, a well-known marine reserve near Cape Town. “There’s something archaic about it,” ex-scout Oerding says seriously.

Men Staring at Waves: Decoratively seated by the ocean, Oerding and Clueso explain to us how good it is to sit by the sea; Artists are just people like you and me. Then they go camping and are happy that out there in the outback the hairstyle doesn’t really matter. “Of course, something can always happen in nature,” comments the ranger. However, then nothing happens. And Oerding and Clueso do what they do best: sing and play. Apparently keeps the wild animals at bay.

Making music and grooving together – “that’s happiness, it’s like kissing,” says Clueso. “The handbrake was pulled here,” Oerding also claims, and that this little excursion plus the camera team brought him closer to himself again. It’s almost sad to hear that.

But still: Oerding is still there for two nights, this time all alone – without Clueso, without a ranger, without a camera team. Two days that might have told the true “Johannes Oerding Story”. They are granted to him.

Better living with Carmen and Roooobert: RTL2 sends its high-earning couple on a house tour in the direction of the Mediterranean. They visit all sorts of castles and sloping sites. Until Robert Geiss philosophizes about black money. And Carmen admired her “amphibian theater”.

A few days ago there were the first baby rumors about Lena Gercke. Now the former “Germany’s next top model” winner has confirmed that she and her partner will become parents for the second time.

First, a teacher from North Hesse has his hair shaved off in front of the camera, then he brings presenter Andrea Kiewel to the edge of her moderation skills: This time the “TV garden” under the motto “Trust yourself” also tests its own limits. And should probably no longer serve alcohol in the future.

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