If Heidi Klum even brings the family to work, things get really serious with “Germany’s next top model”: Heidi’s daughter Leni decides in the semi-finals as a guest juror which of the remaining six candidates makes it to the grand final on May 26 (live at 8:15 p.m.). at ProSieben) moves in. The 17-year-old has only been modeling for a year and says: “I can empathize with the models very well. It’s her first year full of auditions and first impressions. I had to go through that too. It can be very stressful but also a lot of fun.”

It gets stressful right away during the photo shoot with Kristian Schuller. On the roof of a high-rise building, Anita, Luca, Noëlla, Lieselotte, Martina and Lou-Anne have to rock back and forth on a shaky swing bar at a dizzying height – wearing baggy clothes that look like three down comforters sewn together. Anita: “Help! I’m a bit panicky, but you do everything for the finale.” Lieselotte is more worried: “I’m very concerned about whether I can hold up there. I have five intervertebral discs fixed – but maybe that’s an advantage?”

While Anita, Luca, Lou-Anne and Martina are fully committed to the task, Noëlla and Lieselotte are not doing so well. The problem: both suffer from a fear of heights. While the 25-year-old only moves back and forth cautiously, Lieselotte almost freezes on the pole. Heidi doesn’t miss that either. “She doesn’t swing at all,” remarks the 48-year-old to Leni. Photographer Kristian Schuller feels sorry for the 66-year-old and promises her: “I’ll hurry, just 30 seconds, and then you can go back down.” After Lieselotte’s performance with assistance, Heidi has concerns: “How do you rate that? The others really did a lot more.” Kristian Schuller: “But the others don’t have any screws in their backs either.”

The last walk before the finale is particularly challenging: the candidates have to walk the catwalk safely and elegantly with burning hoop skirts. Lieselotte: “Pyrotechnics directly on the body, amazing!” Leni knows how to do it: “It’s hot downstairs and you have to stay cool upstairs.” A gel applied to the skin is supposed to protect against burns. Heidi is happy: “Today it’s about the sausage!” When her daughter looks at her questioningly, she explains the German proverb to her.

While Luca is still “deathly nervous” before the walk, Heidi and Leni are fully convinced of their performance – even more: “I noticed you on the very first day,” Heidi praises the 20-year-old. Nevertheless, she has also had slacks in the 16 weeks so far. And then Heidi says the dreaded sentence: “Dear Luca, unfortunately I don’t have a photo for you today”. When Luca is about to turn around, Leni waves a picture: “But I have a photo for you!” Mother and daughter grin at each other. Luca has to catch himself: “I can’t believe it! I’m really freaking out right now.”

Finally, Noella and Lieselotte have to step in front of Heidi and Leni. She praises the 25-year-old: “I think you’ve outgrown yourself here,” and she got most of the season’s jobs. Then she turns to Lieselotte: “It quickly became clear that we both have a special connection. I was in love with you from the first second,” she praises the 66-year-old. As the oldest model in a GNTM semi-final, she has “already made history,” congratulates Heidi.

Then she gets serious: “I was very often not sure if you even know what it means to be a model. It often lacked the elegance that defines a top model.” You said from the start that you wanted to be fair. “And there is one discipline in which you unfortunately did not convince, Lieselotte, and that is the jobs. I have to be fair. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo for you today.” The 66-year-old nods and has tears in her eyes: “Thank you very much for letting me meet you, Heidi,” she says, touched. And the 48-year-old is also very emotional when saying goodbye: “I hope you will never forget this time with me!”

There was only one question left to be clarified: “When will you take over the job?” Heidi asks her daughter Leni. What is meant is nothing less than the moderation of

In the semi-finals, it will not only be exciting between the model Lou-Anne and her mother Martina, Heidi will also bring her offspring with her: Leni Klum is a guest judge and gives an insight into life with the model mother.

GNTM star Alex Mariah Peter rarely speaks about her life as a trans woman. In the “13 Questions” debate format, she now reached her limits and even stopped shooting.

At the moment, Leni Klum is more likely to pursue a TV and modeling career. But Heidi Klum’s daughter has another goal: a degree in interior design.

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