Sunday night was the film ‘Kingsman: The golden Circle have been shown on the TV 2, but it was made on the same day.

Something that is from the channel’s side had chosen to do, because it is not thought that the topic of a deadly virus was appropriate in these coronatider.

To a reader, who clipped over whether the film was just the right entertainment during these times, came the answer on the Facebook:

‘Well seen. We have chosen to change the film in the evening out with another that does not deal with the virus-theme,’ it said in a comment on Facebook from a staff member at TV 2, who signed himself Lars. The decision, however, was not something that fell in good soil at all.

On the same social media there was a wide range of readers, who wrote and marveled at the decision.

‘practice, practice, Practice … Was somewhat disappointed Sunday night when the film ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ was suddenly swapped out, but why do that? In had the otherwise really advertised for the entire week!,’ it sounded in an angry message, and several were frustrated.

‘Yes, one thing is that they choose not to send the ‘Kingsman’, but then they could damn well just have thrown it up on the play, so you could choose whether you wanted to see it or not,’ writes another user.

More, as in the past have seen the film, also points out that the scenario in the film recalls very little about what is happening in the world right now. B. T. has been trying to get an opinion from the TV 2, but have not succeeded yet.