TV 2 will in the coming weeks to turn up for the entertainment at home in the living rooms.

But in order to make room for family entertainment and good movie on the surface is allowed to channel for a little while scrap parts of their sports coverage.

It informs TV 2 in a press release in which it thus sounds, to TV 2 Sport X temporarily going to be a movie channel.

“We are in a situation where the sport is in hibernation.”

“On TV 2 Sport, we can provide a very rich and distinctive Danish sportshøjdepunkter, and on TV 2 SPORT X we have now been given the opportunity to provide an alternative offer in the form of good movies, which hopefully can allow for entertainment and recreation of many people who right now go home,” says level – and publiceringschef Mette Rysø Johansen in the press release.

the Hope is that the replacement of the sport with the entertainment can get the daily life, which the danes are facing here in the middle of coronakrisen, to slide a little easier.

TV 2 Sport X went live quite recently and can be seen on the TV 2 Play, as well as in a number of tv distributors.

But instead of sports will viewers the time to get access to 16 hours of daily entertainment.

More than 100 films will be shown on the channel including the ’Clown Forever’, folkekomedie trilogy ’All for one’ and ’two’ and ’All three’. In addition, foreign titles such as ’Atomic Blonde’ scroll across the screen.

It is not only at TV 2 Sport X, the normal content is going to give way to entertainment.

Also on TV 2 Zulu and TV 2 Charlie will be sent extra much entertainment in those days.

On the latter channel will all eight of the original ’Father of four’movies to be shown, while on the TV 2 Zulu will be shown anime every afternoon – among other ’Garfield’, ’puss in boots’ ’How to train your dragon’, ’Shrek’ and ’Madagascar’.