TV 2 has decided to postpone the premiere of ‘Home to the farm’.

A decision, taken just two days before, the fourth season should have had its premiere.

The typing of the TV 2, which also explains that the reason for the decision to be found in the current coronaudbrud.

“We are in a situation where we simply do not know when we can start to produce new programs, and it threatens to go over the plan for the rest of the year,” says TV 2’s program director, Lotte Lindegaard, in the article.

the Filming for the popular program came in the box in the autumn, and it is cut and ready to be shown.

But you have decided to wait, so you can ensure that the viewers have good entertainment on the channel of the year.

instead, TV 2 Sunday at 20 show the quiz programme ’The fewer, the better’.

Lene Beier is hosted on the ‘Home farm’, where 14 residents through the ten titles are struggling to be the last man on the farm on the island of Møn.

the Program goes in all its simplicity, that the participants move into a farm, where even the most essential necessities of life are missing. Them must they themselves create.

For as the saying goes: You must provide before one can enjoy.

Each week may a participant leave the farm, but even though the number of residents is less and less, will the tasks not less.

The, left as the last, wins half a million dollars.