Career is an important part of the Swiss from home to work, the video conferencing is a popular way to communicate with colleagues and stay in touch. But how do you set up an online meeting to help? Any Tips for a beginner video vergaderaars.

Monday morning, my colleagues and I are particularly scornful of such a means of communication. Be a part of it was in the huispak, and the other half was completely hevelled. On Tuesday, there was already a lot of frustration about those who have to leave inbelden, so the rest is kind of awkward to peer. And on Wednesday, it was a battle between people who are each other interrumpeerden, or each other’s phrases, complement. As vergadersoftware of Google Hangouts is, in principle, the person talking shows, it was like the screen went out of control hit.

And we don’t even have a partner who is just in the course of your videomeeting in the same room or talking on the phone. Or just take a shower kid, that schaarsgekleed appear on the screen. Whether that is a colleague that is a long story, with no one to be there, but also something to hear, because his microphone is turned off. It has to be better, easier and especially, more efficient. “Six persons, the rules do not per se need, however, with more and more people, it is still a really useful tool,” says Bouke van Kleef, owner of AVK Training & Coaching. His company provides training courses to businesses in the areas of digital literacy, and work smart, and has specialised in digital for a meeting.