With wit and a large-scale fundraiser to draw Erdogan’s opponents in the fight to preserve the mayor of Istanbul. The social-democratic CHP had the regional elections of 31. March won sensationally against Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s (65), conservative ACP for the power greedy President is a tremendous shame. Short-hand he had, therefore, the election void. You will be on the 23. June repeated.

Because, on this date, the holidays start and many of Istanbul in the direction of the sea breaking, the CHP afraid that their important voices are missing. They are extremely funny.

snow, or unbearable temperatures

the municipality of the seaside resort of Bodrum, where the majority of CHP chooses, on Twitter, a storm warning. Therein it means: “love for Istanbul, for the 23. June is announced in Bodrum, heavy snow. All of our beaches will be closed. We recommend you to enjoy on this day the sun of Istanbul.” Other coastal towns to warn of “temperatures up to 150 degrees and 90 percent humidity”.

airlines, including Pegasus and Turkish Airlines, offer passengers a free cancellation of their Tickets, if they were on election day in Istanbul. The travel agencies argue that for the weekend of the 23. June almost all of the reservations cancelled.

donations from Switzerland

In the case of the regional elections of 31. March had been appointed in Istanbul Ekrem imamoğlu (48) of the CHP to the mayor. After the cancellation, he announced a “Revolution” for democracy. to support

in order To imamoğlu, it takes place a large-scale fundraiser. Also from the Switzerland money flows. Hakan Parlak (43), business consultant and election observer in the Turkish Consulate in Zurich, says: “I will at least pay 100 francs, because I don’t want to let this injustice sit on me.” So far, most Turks, Erdogan would be elected, because the Alternative disasters. Parlak: “imamoğlu is a good candidate, what makes the government afraid of.”

no Matter how the elections on may 23. June out for Hakan Parlak is clear: “imamoğlu applies to most Turks as the winner, Erdogan is a loser.”

Deniz Yücel (45), a correspondent of the “world”, raises serious allegations against the security guards of the Turkish high-security prison in Silivri no 9 in Istanbul. He was beaten during a year in detention for three days systematically threatened and degraded. Yücel believes that President Erdogan wears at least the political responsibility for torture. The attacks occurred in early March, 2017, immediately after Erdogan had referred to Yucel as terrorists and a German agent. Yucel was arrested on charges of terrorist propaganda and incitement to hatred and violence. Since February of 2018, he is free and lives in Germany. The procedure but is still running.