Turkey pulls troops and equipment to Syrian border

To the Northern border of Syria tightened, Turkish troops and armored vehicles.

according to “Interfax”, about it, the world public was informed of the Anatolian news Agency, saying that in the border with the Syrian Idlib Turkish province of Hatay shrink of the special forces, comes the armored vehicles and trucks with ammunition.

February 10, Ankara has deployed in Idlib, another group of troops, which was the basis of Leopard tanks, armored personnel carriers, jet systems of volley fire and vehicles with ammunition – a total of 120 units.

11 February, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed with the army generals, intelligence officers and diplomats further steps Ankara in Idlib. The audience decided to answer with fire on every attack on Turkish soldiers in Syria.

Earlier it was reported that five Turkish soldiers were killed in Idlib with artillery strike Syrian army via Turkish
the observation post. In response, the Turkish army opened fire for 115 the purposes of the government army cap, destroying 101 Syrian soldiers, hit one helicopter and three tanks.