Turkey in 2019 reduced gas purchases from Gazprom by 40%

Turkey in 2019, reduced the gas import by 10%, while gas supplies from Gazprom in this country decreased by 40% amid rising supplies from Azerbaijan and Turkey purchases gas in a liquefied form.

In particular, Russian gas supplies to Turkey decreased in 2019 40% of up to 14.4-14.8 billion cubic meters, of which 4.35 billion cubic meters supplied via the TRANS-Balkan corridor of 10.3 to 10.6 billion cubic meters via the Blue stream, the capacity of which allows to pump 16 billion cubic meters of gas per year, reports “Interfax”.

Turkey may give way to the second export market of Gazprom, which Ankara held since 2007, buyers such as Italy and Austria.

In January-November 2019 Turkey reduced the import of gas by 10% (to 4.4 billion cubic meters) to 39.8 billion cubic meters, says the Council for regulation of energy of Turkey (EPDK). While the supply of “Gazprom” fell during this time by 8 billion cubic meters, and Azerbaijan has increased the supply of 1.9 billion cubic meters. Turkey’s purchase of LNG increased by 1 billion cubic meters.

Azerbaijan in January-November 2019 increased gas supplies to Turkey by 29% to 8.66 billion cubic meters. Gas supplies to Turkey from Iran remained almost unchanged — to 6.88 billion cubic meters (- 1%), supplies of LNG from other countries to 10.9 billion cubic meters.

the U.S. in January-November 2019 supplies to Turkey 980 million cubic meters of gas, Algeria — 5,068 billion cubic meters, Qatar — of 1.93 billion cubic meters, Nigeria was 2.13 billion cubic meters. Minor LNG deliveries occurred in Equatorial Guinea, Egypt, Trinidad and Tobago, Norway and France.