Turchynov reminded about the creation of the missile shield of Ukraine

the Former Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said the Kiev security forum, thanks to him, the country created a “missile shield”.

“For me, a personal priority was building a missile shield of our country’s missile programme. I was standing behind its creation and oversaw its implementation”, – Turchynov boasted.

According to him, Ukraine has “actually” has missiles that are supposedly able to destroy targets at long range, and cruise missiles that “can reliably destroy” any marine target in the Black and Azov seas, protecting the coast of the country.

He noted that the missile programme of the country can not work in connection with the problems of financing and government contracts. The former NSDC Secretary said that in the current year in the defence order was not provided for the purchase of missiles “Kha” and ordering new rockets, “the Alder-M”, as well as ordering of new cruise missiles “Neptune”.