In the Nenets Autonomous district and Arkhangelsk region finally abandoned enterprises of the region. To this decision of the acting heads of regions came after the second month visit to Naryan-Mar Secretary General Council of “United Russia” Andrei Turchak.

If the first time he tried to persuade party members to support the initiative, then the second time agreed that the referendum was excited. To understanding this fact policy came after NAO Exodus of the rank and file members of “United Russia”. This “MK” told the MPs district.

“Turchak came to us on may 27 and said that “the referendum question is closed, the page is turned over”. He further said that after discussion with the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Yury Trutnev proposed to develop a programme for the development of the district, region and mega-region. The MPs said that they will develop the program of development of NAO for the purposes of inclusion in the Federal program for budget funds”, – told the “MK” Tatiana Fyodorov, the former head of Naryan-Mar and MP NAO from the Communist party.

member of Parliament NAO from the party “Rodina” Andrei Ruzhnikov confirmed “MK” her words: “Referendum, which was planned for September will not take place. This became possible after a majority of MPs said they would vote against the referendum in the Parliament. In particular, of the 11 deputies of “United Russia” 9 refused to support the vote, also opposed by 3 Communist I am. Most were on the side of the people. Accordingly, no point dragging the subject of the referendum is no more… We are grateful to the Deputy head of the Federation Council Andrei Turchak. A few days ago he came to us to persuade to vote for the referendum, but most refused him. The second time he arrived on 27 may and agreed that the vote need not be searched. He realized that the inhabitants of the NAO want to live in your subject of the Federation and to be good neighbors to the Arkhangelsk region, Komi Republic, Yamalo-Nenets and Murmansk region”.

Deputies claim that they never explained what the initiative was about the merger, against which not less than 90% of the population of the NAO presented a United front, forgetting all differences. “Say that forced us to unite coronavirus, low oil prices and so on, and what will happen after the merger is unknown. We know that the profitable part of the budget of the Arkhangelsk region 90 billion rubles, and the national debt is about 40 billion. That Association will receive NAO? The Federal center no warranty or promise does not. Second, we are outraged that the acting heads of NAO and the Arkhangelsk region adopted a decision on the merger, without consulting anyone. How they signed a Memorandum on joint��’s legitimate? If in the history of Russia was successful experiments merging the regions, yet you would think. But we know that there are positive changes after the merger was not. In the end, the people became opposed to the referendum. While I do not understand what it means to “Association”? Geographically we are part of the Arkhangelsk region. Our relationships are based on contracts, we participate in the elections of Governor and deputies of the Arkhangelsk region. What prevents today to develop our macro-region, why do we need to take away our autonomy? This, even in the “United Russia” do not understand”, – says “MK” Fedorov.

most people are worried about the prospect of losing social security, which gives them the NAO, and to rise to the level of life with the Arkhangelsk region. In Naryan-Mar love my neighbors, but recognize that ordinary people are suffering, and officials zhiruyut. In the NAO do not want the same fate for themselves.

“We do not understand why it was done and by whom. You could at least survey first conduct, whether we unite or not. We have always lived quietly, but now many believe that the enemy came to our land. Literally all rose to the defense of our home. United all the parties and social movements, in spite of all the contradictions that were between us in the past… The important thing is that we are unable to convince of the need of enterprises. Why we should become better after the creation of the new subject of the Federation? Most residents of the NAO have relatives in Arkhangelsk region. We often fly to visit them and see what there is decline. Getting fat only officials and people of the lumen do not see. Of course we feel sorry for our neighbors, but your house at the same we don’t want to turn. If the Union was a Federal idea, let them first pane in the order would lead. For this there need to pour tens of billions of rubles to the region would be able to breathe. We in the NAO do not have enough money to raise our village, everywhere to hold the gas and so on. We have many boilers is still wood and coal work, although we kind of like oil region. However, we have the support of indigenous peoples, which will not be in the Arkhangelsk region. Just NAO 147 social laws that support citizens. Without this assistance, in the far North can not survive. For example, pensioners from the local budget to pay extra 3,100 roubles. Building a house in the village is 70% funded by the district…” – said Ruzhnikov.

according to deputies, the economy really is the main stumbling block, with the media often inflate the panic in the NAO. “We look Arkhangelsk TV and see that most of their politicians, it all comes down to one thing – to take money from NAO, – said the Deputy from party “homelanda”. – Our budget somehow gaining 17 to 20 billion, depending on oil prices. Policy of Arkhangelsk state that they will be 5-10 billion. But only for the salary of inhabitants of the NAO have 14 billion. So why do we need such a Union? Moreover, between the NAO and the Arkhangelsk region there is a bonded contract, which Naryan-Mar for their freedom must pay annually to Arkhangelsk oblast 8 billion rubles. For us this is a huge amount. The money we would have built the best in the North, hospitals and roads. Even in the Arkhangelsk road already would have spent. And we are from the Arkhangelsk state that we pay them for what they are treated, and our children learn from them. But if we were not paid, the children studied would have been treated by us. We need such arguments are completely unclear. And most importantly, that in Arkhangelsk region there are many people who do not understand why you need the Association with the NAO, in the case of the referendum, they were also going to vote against it. They’re kind jealous of us. And in the NAO intensity was such that it was very difficult to restrain people from various ill-considered actions…”

as a result of adventures with the referendum surname Cybulski and Bezdolny became common. People who support the Association of the NAO with the Arkhangelsk oblast, in the autonomy hate. From the “United Russia” in the area began a mass Exodus of people, as the party supported the initiative of the acting heads of the regions.

“When Cybulski was led by NAO, he was constantly asked about the possibility of unification, and he always replied that nothing like that will happen. And in General, as a leader, he very much liked. I even was sorry that he left us. But as soon as he moved to the Arkhangelsk oblast, it seemed to have changed. Here says one thing, there’s more… Now the residents of the NAO are going to massively vote against Cybulski in charge of the area, since our geographic region is “matreshkas” and we have such a right. Tsybulskaya we are very much offended. It seems to me that the PR people gave him bad advice, suggesting the Association of regions. As a result, he alienated everyone,” – says Ruzhnikov.