Tight and sexy without crash diet”, “slim without Hunger”, “3 pounds in a week” Slimming is easy. If you believe the advertising. However, the reality is different: Almost every second Swiss is overweight. We are getting fatter instead of thinner. In spite of health – and diet-Boom. Or perhaps because of it? In any case, more and more scientists say and claim: It does not matter which slimming you combat excess pounds in the long term not only works, anyway.

How does Slimming?

most fast cures lead instead to lasting success only to a yo-yo effect: According to statistics, the scale is quick-drying at 80 to 90 percent of the people shortly after the diet back up. Mostly about the former weight. This does not happen without a reason. If the calorie intake is throttled within the framework of a diet to strongly believe the body to a perceived famine counteract. It switches the metabolism on energy saving mode and reduces the BMR. Under the basic sales to understand the needs of the energy that a person in a state of rest, is needed on an empty stomach and an ambient temperature of 28 degrees, the vital metabolism functions.

The nasty part is: you Begin to eat according to a diet back to normal, then the energy needs on the back burner stand. American scientists found that the turnover of all 14 participants of the TV weightloss show “The Biggest Loser” after their 30-week diet now reduced to an average of 2600 calories to 2000 calories. Six years later, 13 of the 14 candidates were still required to the same reduced energy, to your original weight but for a long time.

As the metabolism is the totality of all chemical processes in living organisms. What we eat, must be crushed, processed and Useful and the Useless to be sorted. The Useful must and transported to the individual cells in the body are distributed, while the Unnecessary is eliminated. The metabolism provides the body with energy, which allows him to keep his vital functions going, and body substance to build (grow, grow, regenerate).

to Boost the metabolism as the only way

Why so, want to have found Israeli scientists, it seems that the intestinal flora plays a crucial role. In animal experiments, Obesity led in mice to a shift of the bacterial composition in the digestive tract. Formerly chubby rodents, which had been trimmed with diets outwardly on rank and slim, remained inside in the intestine is thick-programmed, which influenced both your energy budget as well as your metabolism negatively.

With the realization, the researchers were able to normalize the Microbiome of the digestive tract in the corresponding mice again. However, the process took five Times as long as before the Mast, and the diet. And for humans, there is to date no treatment possibility in relation to intestinal bacteria. For all that can’t lose weight because many diets have brought their basic revenue from the measure, the targeted Boosting of the metabolism therefore, to prevent for the time being, the only way that the body stores any excess energy as fat.

So it’ll work with the weight loss: the 21-day principle, instead of torment diet. We give tips and ideas on how to keep track of his weight-loss goal in the long term and easily in the next Bikini season can start.

Here Healthy lifestyle

ask is proved, that genetic factors also play a role, whether you count users of the good Food or not. However, the genes determine only 30 percent, as the metabolism runs. “By far the greater part can be influenced by lifestyle,” says Ingo Froböse, head of the centre for health at the German sports University in Cologne. In his book, “The Turbo metabolism principle,” he illustrates how you can change to create the body permanently slim. This daily strength training, a protein-rich diet, less Stress, plenty of sleep and regular eating times.

appear for Whom these measures are to strong, you can always screw in the heating in the bedroom or office down. One of the most important tasks of the metabolism is to keep the body at a constant temperature of about 36.6 degrees. “The colder we are sitting, the more he has to work for it,” says metabolism expert Froböse. The easiest Trick is, however, often times a deep breath, ideally in the fresh air. Oxygen is the elixir of life for cells is a boost to the internal engine. And if that doesn’t help, it harms nothing.

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