Free time In your own life, time seems to stop, the scenery just goes on. Flowers appear, the birds will make a nest… it’s full of hope! In the garden, enop, your garden, the plants have very soon come to life. Plant the seeds in and transplanted, do a vegetable and a flower garden waking up ofgeef house is a lentekuur. Still need more tips to get the quarantine constructive to come, you’ll read about in the onzeThuisblijfgids. On SATURDAY the 28TH of MARCH: Clean up

Gardening is a great way to get around the move, especially now that it’s spring, and for the fitness studios and sports clubs, have closed due to the mandatory quarantine. Fly there in full force, and over the last winterresten on it. All of the dry stems of the flowers and grasses are allowed to be taken away. Cut them off, break them into small pieces and leave them on your plants. Or cutting them with pruning shears, from the top to the bottom, each time in the layers of finish. The things you leave in between your plants. It is a great barrier against weeds, and the coming drought.Which is the pluimhortensia and Annabelle, but beware the mophead hydrangea’s are over in two weeks.