It sounded like a good Deal: nine days in the Maldives for two persons in a luxurious Bungalow. Full Board, Snorkelling, scuba diving or wind surfing. All this for 4672 Swiss francs. But to read who clicked chose the trip on the Tui-Portal and “check availability”, got: “The current price has changed and is now 5252 francs” – 580 francs.

The Tui again and again. Either the final prices of the advertised offer differ. Or the trip is not bookable. Also at hotel plan it is called after the search, again and again: “Unfortunately, the selected offer is no longer available.” On other platforms, customers are angry about Fake deals.

The Computer blamed

The trip organizers to explain the Problem with constantly changing prices, you would have to retrieve from external systems. Your site will be tested, although several times a day, availability and prices, with shares of Tui. With Thousands Offered but it was not possible to be always up to date.

And in the case of the hotel plan, it means that the availability of trips depends, among other things, databases on hotel rooms. “It can always happen again that the chosen Accommodation at the time of booking is available.” The updates are depending on the System in very different ways.

Misleading information to the travel provider

the actions of the tour operator is highly problematic. The state Secretariat for economic Affairs Seco says: “tour operator provide on their Websites a search mask for the search of Offers, you will need to provide at the announced price.” And: “If the trip is not at the specified price bookings, could be a misleading indication about the price and the quantity on stock in the offer and against the law against the unfair competition UWG violated.”

anyone Who violates the law, risking a fine or imprisonment up to three years. The client helps a little – any claim for damages to enforce, hardly worth it.

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