Stefanos Tsitsipas has big goals. The Greek is one of the best Tennis players in the world, is currently ranked six in the world rankings. Now he is continuing to gather diligently to achieve his great goal: the participation at the ATP Finals in the autumn.

“I would like to play in November at the O2 Arena in London,” said Tsitsipas in an Interview with the Spanish magazine “Punto de Break”. Although it is still a long way to go, but the support in his home country, he certainly.

He wanted to be the Next person to write for his country’s Tennis history, he says. In Greece itself there is already the hope to see him someday as number 1 in the world rankings.

“variety would be good for the Sport”

However, there is still a long way off. First of all, he will compete in Wimbledon, a favourite role he takes there. These include, among others, Roger Federer. In the last 16 years, the Swiss has won the tournament 8 Times, Djokovic (4 wins), Nadal (2) and Murray (2) to share the remaining victories.

“to be Honest, I would like to see this year a different winner,” said Tsitsipas. “Of course, I hope that I will be the winner, but I think it would be good for the Sport to have a bit of variety. It’s boring to see always the same people win.”

Tell it to, and takes immediately the youth, to which he himself, in the duty. “We are also responsible, to work hard and to believe in ourselves. I think in the end it is a question of always a Character.”

“When we think of young people positively, we can achieve, in my opinion, a lot of. I hope that this will happen in Wimbledon.”